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My coffee

10:00-22:00 daily
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The international coffee chain My coffee is located on the 1st floor of the EXPOBEL shopping center (near the Nelva and Women ’Secret stores). The barista-style coffee shops attract attention, the presence of a table, chairs, a TV, where the process of making coffee is shown, modern music videos, everything is designed in the same style and generally creates the right atmosphere.

MY COFFEE does not save on the quality of the grain and uses the best coffees from around the world, carefully selected and roasted beans using its own technology for making coffee drinks. At the same time, prices for visitors are offered in an acceptable range.

From the first days, the first in Minsk salted coffee with cheese is especially popular with customers. Visitors admit that they come for this drink from different parts of Minsk and remain in unprecedented delight. It is worth noting that Cheese Rafchiz is a drink for true gourmets and is distinguished by its taste from the well-established and widespread menu. When trying cheese cheese, everyone finds something new in it, revealing the shades of one or another ingredient, and this process continues with each sip.

Also in the coffee at the request of the client can add the symbolic "love, happiness or good luck."

However, it is worth not only coffee, but also sweet desserts to try in a new coffee house. After drinking a cup of coffee, do not forget to leave a review in the book of comments and suggestions and share a dream or write down a wish for yourself (or not only yourself) in the book of desires. The Book of Desires has become a truly significant part of a single atmosphere. While waiting for their drink, visitors read the touching sentences left in the book, then leave their thoughts and desires. Customers admit that they have never seen anything like this, and MY COFFEE coffee shop left the most pleasant and vivid impressions in their souls, and the desire to return will remain forever.

For employees of the EXPOBEL shopping center, the BIGZZ store, there is a permanent discount on coffee drinks in the amount of 25%. A discount card can be obtained when buying coffee from a barista. In addition, for each customer 5th coffee - for free.

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