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In the restaurants of folk cuisine "Cornflowers" everything is just like home. The interior is cozy and relaxed. Styling under a rustic house, comfortable benches, windows with curtains and native birch trees instead of boring walls - all this contributes to a real peace of mind.

The cuisine in the restaurant "Cornflowers" is predominantly Belarusian. Facility's menu offers a large selection of vegetable and meat salads, hot dishes from meat, fish and poultry, soups and, of course, national desserts. Particular attention in the "Cornflowers" is given to potato dishes. Here you can try sorcerers with meat or mushrooms, pancakes with various fillings, boiled and fried dumplings, macaca with pancakes.

The portions in the restaurant in Belarusian are large, and from one description of dishes the appetite flares up. Grandmother's mushroom soup, homemade solyanka, knuckle with stewed cabbage, grandmother's chops, home-made sausages are just a small part of what can be found in the menu of the restaurant. And for dessert - apple pie, fruit dessert, pear pie, "cottage cheese" and dessert "Lazy"

In the "Cornflowers" are presented home-made folk drinks: bread kvass, cranberry juice, cornflower water with orange and grapefruit, cornflower blue water with lemon, various lemonades.

Restaurant "Cornflowers" is suitable for families with children, because here they love their little guests very much and offer a children's menu especially for them. Here you can invite foreign guests, colleagues for a business lunch, there is a place for a fun banquet. In some restaurants on summer days a summer terrace is open. As for the prices, which is very nice, they are pleased with their democracy.

In Cornflowers, everyone will discover something new in popular culture.

Feel the atmosphere of a good holiday - with worthy treats and original spirit!

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