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LC Waikiki

10:00 - 22:00 daily
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The history of the international brand of fashionable LC Waikiki clothes began in 1985 in France. Since 1997 the LC Waikiki brand belongs to the Turkish company Tema Group. From the moment of foundation of the company and till today more than 400 shops in Turkey and more than 120 shops in 23 countries are opened worldwide. The motto of the company - "Everyone deserve to dress well". In 30 years of existence of LC Waikiki never changed the principles. In production of fabrics only natural dyes are used, fiber contains the minimum quantity of synthetics, and the clothes differ in a combination of bright, cheerful colors and a variety of silhouettes. Thanks to good balance of the price and quality, the clothes from LC Waikiki are known and loved by buyers in Turkey and other countries.

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