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BIG STAR LIMITED - Polish fashion company.

Today, the company has more than 250 stores in Europe.

BIG STAR LIMITED continues to successfully develop its retail network and therefore the company begins its development in the market of the Republic of Belarus!

In 1990, the first Big Star stores opened in Poland. Over the course of the decade, the company is gradually gaining popularity, deserving the respect of consumers and becoming the best-selling brand among Poles. At present, 200 Big Star stores are open in Poland. In 1993, a Polish-Swiss society called Big Star Limited (later transformed into Big Star Limited Polska) was founded.

During the next twelve years, the company develops sales networks in Poland and other European countries. At the same time, the share of the Poles is gradually increasing, which in consequence leads to the fact that the company moves to two Poles - Viaslav Koster and Bogdan Kachmark. Today the brand has become not only recognizable and popular, but also number one in Poland. Most buyers appreciate it much more than products of other well-known companies.

The company is firmly expanding its sales network in the global and European jeanswear markets and owns more than 250 stores in Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, France, Finland and Belarus. The brand Big Star Limited tries to understand the needs of people and create a wide range of models selected for different ages, taste preferences and lifestyle of the consumer. Everyone can find here what will please him. Fashionable design and excellent product quality, along with convenience and practicality - these are the main priorities of the company when creating new collections. The company creates models that give free will and self-confidence in all situations. A distinctive feature of the manufactured product is a creative design, bold color combinations and no coercive simplicity of cut. All this helps the brand to win more and more followers.

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