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DeFacto was established in 2003 and opened its first store in 2004, quickly becoming second largest brands of the ready - to - wear apparel and fashion industry in Turkey within 7 years. Today, it is the second largest apparel company having  329 domestic and 110 international stores.
DeFacto provides significant contribution in terms of creative marketing strategies and innovative perspective thereby DeFacto created the opportunity to prepare designs suitable for the new countries entered.
The experience and rapid growth achieved in a short time encouraged DeFacto to expand to foreign markets. Since its establishment, DeFacto has envisioned to become a global fashion brand, consequently the first foreign store was opened in Kazakhstan in February 2012.
Today DeFacto has 110 international stores in 19 countries which are in Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Kosovo, Morocco, Albania, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Bosnia, Palestine, Lebanon, Algeria and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Collections are prepared for each country in inspired by local culture and lifestyle. In addition to design products, DeFacto has also introduced innovation product lines such as DeFacto Inova and DeFacto Eco, providing differentiated products to customers in the areas of innovation and recycling.
DeFacto shall continue its existence in the future as one of the most important players in the accessible fashion industry. With the vision of becoming a global fashion brand, DeFacto aims to operate our stores in 50 countries through physical stores and in 100 countries through e-commerce by 2025.

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