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Factory of goods for healthy sleep "Ascona" - the leader of the industry of sleeping products in Europe, the largest factory for the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses in Eastern Europe.

Askona is the main part of the Swedish concern Hilding Anders Group, the largest company in Europe and Asia for the production and sale of mattresses and sleeping products.

For over 70 years, Hilding Anders has been a recognized expert in the field of sleep. The company unites 30 largest factories in 20 countries of Europe and Asia. The trade network of the concern is located in 56 countries of the world.

Askona is a company with European standards of work. As part of the Hilding Anders group, it is a member of the UN Global Compact. Within the framework of the agreement, very strict standards of the company's work and evaluation of product quality are envisaged.

"Ascona" is a guarantee of a proper rest: every third Europropic man sleeps on the Ascona mattress. One of the reasons for this is strict quality control of the products in our own sleep laboratory, the only test laboratory in Eastern Europe for upholstered furniture certified by UCO testing according to European standards. What is the mission and values ​​of the company "Askona"?

Over 20 years of experience, we have earned a high reputation in the global market: such world-famous hotel chains as Hilton, Radisson SAS, Marriott and others, trust the sleep of their guests.

The products of the company "Ascona" were repeatedly awarded the highest awards in various nominations and contests: "For high consumer properties", "For ecological purity of production and products", "For the active introduction of advanced technologies in the production of sleeping goods," etc.

So, in 2011, according to the results of the vote of buyers, "Ascona" was awarded the most respected national award "Mark No. 1" in the category "mattresses for healthy sleep." This award attests to the trust of millions of customers to the brand "Ascona", which is a guarantee of continuous successful development of the factory.

"Our task is to provide Belarusian consumers with a quality product with the guarantee of a European leader, a product that more than 8 million people trust. We believe that the goods for a healthy sleep of "Ascona" will cause the same confidence in Belarus. After all, our mission is to do everything to satisfy everyone's need for a healthy and comfortable sleep. "

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