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Царское золото

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Fashion for exquisite jewelry is still unchanged. Proof of this - amazing collections and a special concept of the chain of jewelry stores "Tsar's Gold". Each of the company's stores offers its guests a refined classics, created with the best traditions of jewelry art!

Jewelry network "Tsarskoye Zoloto" is not just a business, but a symbol of family history.

The great-grandfather of the founder of the company was a wealthy man who lived at the court of Nicholas II. Being a nobleman, he could afford a hobby-making jewelry that had no analogues in the world. One of his products in 1911 was donated to Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II, in honor of her birthday.

The jewelry chain appeared as a tribute to respect, as a manifestation of pride, as the implementation of a family dream. The name of the first salon could not have sounded differently than "Tsar's Gold", which after decades turned out to be revived ...

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