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The network of DNA stores collected the best samples of natural cosmetics from around the world. Our main criteria when choosing this or that cosmetic brand are naturalness and high quality of ingredients, as well as their effectiveness and complete safety. All brands presented in our stores have been carefully selected and rigorously tested. A professional team of specialists in the field of cosmetology allows us to track the most significant innovations on the world market of cosmetic products and replenish the range of DNA stores with the best of them.

More than 40 brands of face, body and hair care products are represented in DNA stores, more than 15 of them come to us directly from manufacturers, which guarantees their originality and excludes the possibility of our customers purchasing fake products. More than 10 cosmetic brands are presented in DNA exclusively, and therefore on the territory of the Republic of Belarus they can be purchased only in our stores.

DNA sales network consultants regularly undergo vocational training. Studying the assortment of stores allows them to thoroughly possess information about the composition and effect of cosmetics and their individual components, as well as competently advise customers, helping them make the best choice.

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