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Fantastic is a toy store, where you can always choose and buy toys for your child.
The world of children is a world of toys, sincere emotions, joy and imagination. Fantastic toy shop offers you to plunge into this colorful world of children's toys, where fantastic robots and transformers, long-haired Barbies and toddlers, teddy bears and cars live in the neighborhood.
Your child is an inventor - creative sets will suit him; dreamer or builder - then Lego designers will be a great gift; daughter loves to manage the house - give her a real kitchen or a set of hostess. In addition, in Science Fiction you can always buy board games, logic puzzles and puzzles, educational toys and goods for outdoor activities.
In the shop Fantastic, you can choose and buy toys for children of any age and gender, soft, wooden, magnetic, musical - everything is there.
Let's give toys to our children - to give childhood!

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