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INGLOT is a professional European brand of decorative cosmetics.
The brand belongs to the company INGLOT Ltd, which was founded 30 years ago by the talented chemist Wojtek Inglot.
The brand's mission is to produce high quality products at a fair price. This is a brand that is trusted and advised by professional makeup artists.
It provides an opportunity for every woman to choose cosmetics in accordance with her own style, skin characteristics, age and color type.
INGLOT is a unique choice from the widest range of cosmetic products.
What is inglot?
This is technology.
The brand is a leader in innovation in the cosmetics industry thanks to unique technological developments. INGLOT works with makeup artists and consultants around the world to bring the latest trends, relevant colors, textures and shapes to the market.
The products of the HD series (High definition) and the AMC series of cosmetics (Advance makeup cosmetics) are unchanged favorites of makeup artists.
This is a concern for your health.
The company released the world's first “breathing” O2M nail enamel, which provides nails with health and care, and has gained particular popularity in Muslim countries.
Most products contain moisturizing and caring ingredients, vitamins, oils, such unique products as diamond dust, sponge spherical particles, ester complex, specially processed pigments and mica, silicone polymer, etc.
The company began to produce products with an SPF component that protect the skin from sunlight and negative external factors.
This is a fashion.
The main difference between the products is a huge collection of flowers with which you can experiment and play right in the store. Freedom system - unique palettes that are assembled independently in accordance with the preferences of customers.
AMC Pure Pigment's friable eye shadow and Eyeliner Gel are the brand's absolute must haves.

The official representative of INGLOT in Belarus is LLC House of Natural Cosmetics.

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